• CCEA’s unifying language is English. All meetings and activities are conducted in English, and our monthly newsletter is printed
in English.

• To encourage women with young children to attend our monthly General Meetings, we offer baby-sitting services for 500 yen/child.


For those who are interested in becoming new members, we welcome you to enjoy our free Welcoming Tea Party! They are usually held the 3rd Friday of the Month. You can learn a little more about CCEA and the interest groups, meet some members face-to-face, and decide if you’d like to join us – all while enjoying delicious snacks and tea!
Email Veronica Krath for more information: krathmom@me.com


CCEA has a maximum membership of 100 members – fifty Japanese members and fifty non-Japanese members. Only members can be active participants in the interest groups. Members are not required to attend a minimum number of activities, either general meetings or interest group activities.

2017 Dues

6000 yen with printed newsletter
5000 yen (1000 yen discount) with emailed newsletter

Waiting List

A waiting list will be made active when regular membership is full. After attending the two prerequisite general meetings, a person may place her name on the waiting list. While on the waiting list, potential members may attend interest group activities with the consent of the interest group leader and the hostess.


Non-member guests are welcome to join CCEA interest groups by paying 1000 yen each time up to twice in each group. Then the guests will need to join CCEA to be eligible to the interest group activities. Guests can join CCEA general meetings by paying 500 yen each time up to twice and then the guest will need to join CCEA as member.