• CCEA’s unifying language is English. All meetings and activities are conducted in English, and our monthly newsletter is printed
in English.

• To encourage women with young children to attend our monthly General Meetings, we offer baby-sitting services for 1000 yen for 1 child and 500 yen per additional children. RSVP required. Please contact Nao at nao.geisler@gmail.com


For those who are interested in becoming new members, we welcome you to enjoy our free Welcoming Tea Party! They are usually held 2-3 times per year. You can learn a little more about CCEA and the interest groups, meet some members face-to-face, and decide if you’d like to join us – all while enjoying delicious snacks and tea!
Email:  Jackie at adyjacklyn@gmail.com


CCEA has a maximum membership of 130 members – 65 Japanese members and 65 non-Japanese members. Only members can be active participants in the interest groups. Members are not required to attend a minimum number of activities, either general meetings or interest group activities.

2017 Dues

6000 yen with printed and mailed newsletter
5000 yen (1000 yen discount) with emailed newsletter


Non-member guests are welcome to join CCEA interest groups by paying 500 yen per general meeting or interest group event.